Our Story

WAB was created in 2017 by two sets of parents whose paths crossed at their sons’ parent visit in the wilderness of southern Utah.  The desire for connection  - connection that could not be found with friends or family who had not experienced the level of trauma that necessitated sending their boys to the desert – was piqued by this brief encounter and led to phone calls, text messages, and email messages.  


This frequent communication, and the solace it provided, led us to create a safe environment where families traveling the same path as us could share their experiences, practical advice, and, most importantly be of emotional support to each other.  

What started as a cumbersome email list has evolved into the establishment of a weekly support call and now the creation of our website.  Each new step we have taken has come with feedback that makes it more and more clear how necessary this type of support community is needed.  This is what allows (requires) WAB to continue to grow.

Our goal is to provide anyone who is traveling this path of therapeutic wilderness and beyond with assistance and support in making the very difficult  and emotional decisions as parents.  

Our calls are intended to create an emotionally comfortable and supportive environment that feeds into our need for social connection.  

While our stories may not be the same, we are bound together not only by the common goal of helping our children survive adolescence and thrive as adults, but by our need as parents to not lose ourselves in the process.    

About Us

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